Completing Online Assignments On Time: 3 Tips You Should Follow

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The idea that students are now spending more time than ever trying to complete assignments on time may or may not be true. But there’s no denying the fact that they’re now far too busy. The fear of missing out or being left behind forces students to over-pack their schedule with activities and events. Yet, […]

Try These Tips To Beat Procrastination

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Are you easily distracted? You aren’t alone! Procrastination is one of the most common problems affecting productivity. Whether you are planning to work on an assignment, or preparing for a test, here is how the pomodoro technique can help you tackle procrastination. What is the Pomodoro Technique? The Pomodoro Technique is a simple time management […]

Everything You Must Know About Online Discussion Board

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Discussion boards are an important online assessment component because students and instructors get to share and exchange ideas. Here’s all that you wanted to know about them: What Is An Online Discussion Board? Discussion boards are one of the most regularly used tools in online education. It is a virtual platform where people analyze an […]

How To Achieve Excellence In The Work You Do?

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Everyone in this world has the potential to do whatever they want to achieve in life. But most of us fail to pursue personal excellence. Here’s how you can start: Strive For Excellence Do you want to achieve excellence for you or for others? Do something that you love; it helps you stay motivated! Do […]

Improve Your Communication Skills By Learning A New Language

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Summer break is an excellent time to learn new languages and improve your communication skills. Here’s how you make learning fun and interesting. Must Have A Clear Goal Why do you want to learn the language? Is it because you are planning to travel abroad? Do you want to improve communication with a friend or […]

The Best Advice To Overcome Test Anxiety

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There is nothing wrong to feel a bit tensed before an exam. But some students feel test anxiety debilitating. Here’s how to cope. What Is Test Anxiety? Test anxiety is extreme fear and discomfort faced by a student on or before an exam. Those who are worried about their test performance often experience anxiety. Even […]

5 Things No One Taught You About Studying

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No matter how good are you at studies, there are times when you may feel bored and tired. At times, you will need a little push in the form of motivational techniques. It makes the learning process more enjoyable. Here’s what you need to know about bringing back the joy in learning: Listen To Pleasant […]

7 Common Study Problems

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Every student has gone through difficult times when it comes to studying. Various issues whether they are temporary or long term can afflict students at any stage in their education thereby derailing them from their educational goals. Overcoming the learning challenges can get easier if we can understand the underlying problems. Multiple Distractions: Today lives […]

Top Apps For College Students To Make Learning Easier

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The reality of modern age is that we see cannot see a student without the use of innovative gadgets. They use mobile applications not only for entertainment but also for self-education. The two biggest Android and iOS players in the smartphone market provide many educational programs and apps for college students. Below are some of […]

Inventions Used For Education Before The Rise Of Computers

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Right from the time when we scribbled on rock stones to times when we use VR and AR – technology has advanced unimaginably. It has changed the way we learn things. Here’s a brief look at the early inventions used in education: The Horn Book – 1650 In the sixteenth century, English monks invented the […]

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