How To Make Every Employer Want To Hire You As An Intern?

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An internship is an extremely valuable part of your college experience. Not many students understand that a simple summer internship could even land them their dream job in their dream company. What are the three essentials to remember when applying for internship? Resume Before the end of your course, you are likely to have a […]

Tips For Getting An Engineering Internship

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An internship with a good company can be your first step towards a career in a great company. We encourage you to use our tips to prepare yourself towards securing an internship: Great Resume Start with a good resume that shows you as a credible person. Here are a few points to make your resume […]

3 Tips To Help Online Students Find The Right Balance

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A college student’s life is spent juggling time in classes, projects, assignments and at times, part-time work. Life can be overwhelming with the additional pressure of paying for school. Sometimes, it may seem like an impossible task to find the right balance to get everything done. Here are few steps to find the right balance […]

How To Learn Something Faster And Become Good At It?

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You need to make consistent efforts to become a high performer. Have a broader vision of who you are and what you want to do in your life. Follow these points to learn faster. Know What To Learn: Master learners are always profoundly attached to their missions. If you want to be a great learner, […]

How To Easily Crack Job Interviews?

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An interviewer shortlists the best talent from a vast pool of qualified candidates. They look for the best possible option for the position. Here are a few tips and tricks that are important to develop if you are looking for a job: 1. Gain Experience: Don’t wait for opportunities to come your way. Put yourself […]

How Not To Be Lazy While Studying?

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We live in a world where each one of us is always busy. How do ambitious students complete a ton of work without feeling lazy? They do it by taking regular breaks throughout the day. It can improve both your brain health and productivity. Breaks can help you work more efficiently and intensely during your […]

How To Manage College Assignments

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Assignments play a significant role in practicing and reviewing the study material. It helps students polish their practical skills and increase their learning abilities. But completing homework can lead to stress. Following the 3-Step process can help you manage your assignments: Make a note of the assignments Most students assume they can rely on their […]

Tips For Having A Balanced Digital Life

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We live in a world where digital distractions compete for our attention, stopping us from experiencing life. We like to believe in our ability to multitask, but step into any classroom and you’ll find students busy with their phones not listening to the professor. How many times have you found yourself distracted by social media […]

Frequent Challenges Faced By Online Students

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If you are planning to take up an online course, but not familiar with the concept, it is important that you understand the challenges faced by most online students before spending your hard earned money. Some of the common problems include: Lack Of Self-Motivation Online courses are for self motivated students who do not have […]

Plagiarism in Assignment Writing

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Plagiarism in the academic world is considered a grave and punishable misdemeanor. Many students today believe that plagiarism is an easy option to complete homework when they are running short of time or are looking for an easy way out. The advent of the Internet has made it all the more tempting since all the […]

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